A downloadable game for Windows

Game Description:
A 4 player local game.
Play with your friends or play with yourself.
Throw and block spears and win among your enemies.
Collect powerups to guide you on killing your enemies.
Rage by making killing streaks.
Survive and dance with victory!


- Added Stage Select Menu
- Added Dash Control
- Knockbacks when attacked while shielding
- New GUI in gameplay
- Awesome winning scene
- Killing streaks (with powerups)
- Charging spears (Hold attack to charge spear)
- Gameplay Rankings
- New logo
- More than 1 player is required (it should be)
- AI Difficulty (Easy, Medium Hard)
- Added 5 more stages
- Controls help/information


Minimum system requirements:
* System: Win XP,
* CPU: 1,8Ghz
* RAM: 1GB
* VRAM: 512MB

Recommended system requirements:
* System: Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
* CPU: 2Ghz Dual Core
* RAM: 2GB


KingOfTheSpearSetupv1.9.0.exe 44 MB

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